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The RW130 internal skimmer is designed for skimming proteins and other organic substances from saltwater aquariums up to 300 litres.

The RW130 Internal skimmer operates with one pump only, which provides both air production and water circulation; it is provided with an internal chamber to avoid air bubbles escaping from the discharge tube.
Special silicon adapters between the tubes and the skimmer body ensure a long lasting and an exceptional strength compared with usual sealing systems.


Body height

Total height

For aquariums Up to

Air production/circulation pump

30 cm
48 cm
120- 200 liters **
RIO1400 - 1600 l/h
35 cm
53 cm
150- 250 liters **
RIO 1400 - 1600 l/h
40 cm
58 cm
200-300 liters **
RIO 1700 - 2400 l/h

** The first volume refers to high stocking aquariums, the second volume to normal stocking ones.


  • Body diameter: 130 mm
  • Double chamber (internal Ø 60 mm )
    The adoption of the double chamber allows to fully eliminate the inconvenience of air bubbles in the discharged water: Furthermore, in case of power failure, the air production/circulation pump always has water inside - therefore ready to start again - even if totally placed over the water level of the sump.
  • Can be completely disassembled
    RW skimmers can be completely disassembled, for periodical complete cleaning, thanks to the silicon Tube connectors.
  • Foam collecting cup with cone-shaped discharge tube
    The cone-shaped discharge tube of foam collecting cup greatly makes easier the foam going up.
  • Telescopic adjustment of internal water level
    RW skimmers are provided with a special connector ( T ), placed on discharge tube. Thanks to this device, the discharge tube becomes a telescopic one, and the water internal level of the skimmer can be easily adjusted just only lifting up the discharge unit Q (The travel of telescopic discharge unit is about 40 mm ).
    In this way, the water level inside the skimmer will never change, even if the water level in the sump lowers due evaporation, because the water outlet is not restricted by a check valve or similar, and water is discharged by natural overflow.
    When the discharge part Q is completely let down, the internal level will be in position L , which means a dry foam production . By lifting up the discharge unit Q it is possible to get a more liquid foam (level L1 , L2 etc).
    This system also eliminates the risk of total water filling of the foam cup in case the skimmer starts again after a power failure (this matter is particularly dangerous in case of protracted absence).
  • Air production/circulation pump with ceramic shaft and ceramic bushing.
    The new pumps RIO plus are equipped with ceramic shaft and the needle wheel impellers are provided with ceramic bushings.
    The use of ceramic bushings totally eliminates the inconvenience of an excessive wear and tear of the impeller, due the abrasive action of the ceramic shaft when in direct contact with the plastic of the impeller (ovaling of the impeller's seat of the ceramic shaft). This problem normally causes an anomalous rotation of the impeller, also increasing the noise.
    In case of heavy ovaling, this trouble can even prevent the starting again of the impeller when the pump is stopped for maintenance or due a power failure.
  • Venturi's air tubing is connected to the foam cup's cover (silencer)
    Thanks to this system, the noise of sucked air is totally eliminated.



Operation Diagram