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RWPO4 Phosphate Filters

A high concentration of Phosphates in saltwater aquariums can be a dangerous source of pollution (Eutrophization, red and blue algae etc).

Therefore it is quite important to remove Phosphates from aquarium or at least to reduce their level.
Mechanical and/or biological filters and protein skimmers cannot normally reduce Phosphates level: only a selective resin can effectively remove Phosphates from salt water.

RWPO4 Phosphate filters are provided with a circulation pump for flow regulation: water flow must be very slow. Better if "drop by drop".

Phosphate levels must be periodically checked at the filter outlet: if traces of Phosphates are found, the resin should be replaced.

RWPO4 Phosphate Filters can be placed both internally/externally to the sump and are available in 6 models:

  • RWPO4/130/400 - Ø 130 mm - total height 42 cm - for aquariums up to 300 litres
  • RWPO4/130/500 - Ø 130 mm - total height 52 cm - for aquariums up to 500 litres
  • RWPO4/130/600 - Ø 130 mm - total height 62 cm - for aquariums up to 800 litres
  • RWPO4/250/400 - Ø 250 mm - total height 47 cm - for aquariums up to 1500 litres - waterproof version*
  • RWPO4/250/500 - Ø 250 mm - total height 57 cm - for aquariums up to 2000 litres - waterproof version *
  • RWPO4/250/600 - Ø 250 mm - total height 67 cm - for aquariums up to 2500 litres - waterproof version *

* These filters don't necessarily require the presence of a sump and can be directly connected to the aquarium.






Phosphate Filters
Operation Diagram

RW FILTRAPHOS - Waterproof Phosphate Filters  

FILTRAPHOS 10 and FILTRAPHOS 20 are waterproof filters, which can also be used in case of no sump. They can be placed, besides inside or outside the sump, under the tank too.
FILTRAPHOS 10 and FILTRAPHOS 20 are filled with NOPHOS 101, a selective resin for absorbing Phosphate both in fresh- and saltwater aquariums.
FILTRAPHOS 10 e FILTRAPHOS 20 are done on “fluidized bed filter” base, to avoid the risk of channeling of the water.

FILTRAPHOS 10 is already provided with a circulation pump in case the filter is placed in the sump or nearby it; in this case the water flow through the filter is about 15-20 l/h, which is the best rate for absorbing Phosphate up to 0.2 mg/l, or when the filter is used to prevent Phosphate in aquarium.
In case Phosphate concentration is more than 0.2 mg/l, the water flow must be half reduced by the small check valve with which the filter is provided.
In case FILTRAPHOS 10 is placed under the tank and directly connected to the tank, it must be fed by a pump with a proper head, to get the above mentioned water flows.
FILTRAPHOS 10 is suitable for aquariums up to 400 liters.
Dimensions: Ø 12 cm – hight 30,5 cm
Content of NOPHOS 101: ca. 900 ml
Inlet connection : 6 x 8 mm tubing
Outlet connection : 4 x 6 mm tubing

FILTRAPHOS 20 is provided with a circulation pump with check valve for flow regulation.
Suggested water flows for FILTRAPHOS 20 can be increased about 50% in respect of suggested water flows of FILTRAPHOS 10.
FILTRAPHOS 20 is suitable for aquariums up to 1000 liters.
Dimensions: Ø 13 cm – hight 57 cm
Content of NOPHOS 101: ca. 2300 ml
Inlet/outlet connections : 8 x 10 mm tubing

RW NOPHOS 101 - Selective Phosphate Absorber  

NOPHOS 101 is a highly selective Phosphate absorber for fresh- and saltwater aquariums with a big capacity (about 12 grams of Phosphorus, that means about 60 grams of Phosphates, per kilogram). No output of toxic substances (e.g aluminium) and ,when exhausted, no back-solving of Phosphate will occur.
Due its optimal granulometry, NOPHOS 101 can be also placed in strained circulation filters with slow water flow, at the end of main filter process, even if the best result will occur using the special filters RW FILTRAPHOS 10 and RW FILTRAPHOS 20.
It is suggested to rinse NOPHOS 101 before use (better with warm water), to remove small particles.
The lifetime of NOPHOS 101 much depends on Phosphate concentration in the aquarium.
Regular controls with a Phosphate test will show when NOPHOS 101 is exhausted.

Dosage: 100 ml every 50 liters of water.
The water flow must be about 20 l/h in case of concentration up to 0.2 mg/l or when NOPHOS 101 is used on a permanent basis in a new aquarium. In case of higher concentration, water flow must be half reduced.
There is no risk in case of overdosing of NOPHOS 101, as long as suggested water flows are respected.