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RWCR Calcium reactors

RWCR Calcium Reactors have been designed for increasing calcium levels in salt water, especially for reef aquariums.

CO2 is used to lower the pH value inside the unit: in this way calcareous media can be dissolved and absorbed by the salt water.

RWCR Calcium Reactors are provided with a circulation pump, which intakes water from the upper part of the unit for re-circulating the excess of CO2.
The inlet and outlet of the re-circulating pump are protected by a guard.

An additional pump for water circulation through the unit is no longer necessary: RWCR Calcium Reactors automatically draw in water due to the Venturi device placed at pump's intake.

The water flow is therefore automatically regulated by the "drop by drop" flow at unit's outlet..

Rw Calcium reactors are provided with an automatic CO2 reutilization device.

It is recommended not to use any powdered calcareous media, which could damage the re-circulation pump, and to regularly clean the pump.

Diffusion of CO2 inside the Calcium Reactors can be regulated manually (Operation Diagram A ) or automatically by using a pH controller (Operation Diagram B ).
RWCR Calcium Reactors can be used both internally/externally to the sump and are available in 5 models:

  • RWCR500 - Ø 130 mm - total height 56 cm - for aquariums up to 500 litres
  • RWCR800 - Ø 130 mm - total height 66 cm - for aquariums up to 800 litres
  • RWCR1500 - Ø 250 mm - total height 46 cm - for aquariums up to 1500 litres - can be fully opened
  • RWCR2000 - Ø 250 mm - total height 56 cm - for aquariums up to 2000 litres - can be fully opened
  • RWCR2500 - Ø 250 mm - total height 66 cm - for aquariums up to 2500 litres - can be fully opened

Calcium Reactors for aquariums over 2500 litres can be manufactured on request.












RW POST/CA - Post-Filter for Calcium Reactors

RW POST/CA Post-Filter has been designed for getting out of the problem of a too low pH coming out from Calcium reactors.
RW POST/CA Post-Filter is filled with PH-UP (Natural Dolomitic Resin), which has a big capacity of increasing pH. (Operation diagram A).
RW POST/CA Post-Filter must be placed after the check valve usually placed on Calcium Reactor’s outlet.
RW POST/CA Post-Filter is available in 2 models:
- RW POST/CA 1 - Ø 12 cm – height 30,5 cm - for aquariums up to 500 liters
- RW POST/CA 2 - Ø 13 cm – height 57 cm - for aquariums up to 2000 liters.
RW POST/CA Post-Filters can also be utilized for increasing the Magnesium content of the water
coming out from Calcium Reactor. In this case the Magnesium Granulate (MAG-TOP) must be placed as shown in Operation Diagram B.



RW PH-UP- PH increasing resin

PH-UP is a natural resin (Dolomite), which has a big capacity of increasing pH in saltwater aquariums.
PH-UP can be very useful in saltwater aquariums with fishes only, where the pH value is normally inclined to lower.
Nevertheless, PH-UP can also be used in reef aquariums for some specific purposes, like increasing
pH value of the water coming out from a lime reactor, or getting out of the usual day/night pH range (in this case it is recommended to use a pH controller connected to the filter where PH-UP resin has been placed).
The lifetime of PH-UP depends on how much the pH value is tending to lower.
PH-Up resin can be considered totally exhausted when it is completely conglomerated.
PH-Up resin can be used in any kind of filter with a medium-low water flow, even if the best and safest way is to use a proper filter connected to a pH controller.




RW CALCIUM-PLUS- Calcium Carbonate Granulate

RW CALCIUM PLUS is a very pure (99%) Calcium Granulate, absolutely phosphate-free.
Thanks to its high content of minerals and purity, it is best suited for many purposes in reef aquariums, especially in filling Calcium reactors, with no risk of channeling due to its big granulometry (8-12mm).







RW MAG-TOP - Magnesium granulate

MAG-TOP is a special granulate for increasing the Magnesium content in reef aquariums.
A correct content of Calcium and Magnesium is very important in order to achieve an optimal growth of hard corals and calcareous algae.
A correct ratio between Calcium and Magnesium (1:3) is quite important too.
The normally used materials in the lime reactor increase much more the Calcium than the Magnesium content , creating an unbalanced ratio, which can inhibit or lessen the correct growth of hard corals.
This problen can be easily solved by using MAG-TOP Magnesium Granulate.
MAG-TOP can be mixed with the calcareous material used in the lime reactor, even if the best solution is to place it in a special post-filter after lime reactor.
In case the post-filter also contains a pH increaser (PH-UP), MAG-TOP must be placed at the INLET of the post-filter.


RWCR 1500/2000/2500


PH Controller

PH Electrode






Operation Diagram A
Operation Diagram B







calcium plus